The Quests

There are two kinds of Quests:


1 – The Quests that become available as you level up, these are the icons on the left side of the screen with above the icon “document holder”. This applies to all game quests such as Super Event, Infrastructure, Enclosure, etc …

2 – The Super Stories and The Season Quests : these are the icons on the right side of the screen and it also shows the time remaining before the end of the quest, plus an icon placed on the left side of the screen that displays the tasks. The icons on the right allows to claim the price once the finished tasks.

► The Super Stories : To know how it works and what quests it concerns, we invite you to consult our page dedicated to these quests.
► The season quests allow to obtain buildings that yield more than usual and dropp season coins allowing the purchase of buildings, decorations inaccessible with coins or Superbucks.