The City Center

The “City Center” is the first area of ​​the game. It is here that everything begins.


We expand our city by buying houses, businesses, increasing our population with infrastructure buildings or quests, realizing “Super Events”, embellishing with City Sights, decorations and exploring new lands: Snow Plateau, Highland, Enchanted Valley and Sands.

The Super Event


They are five Super Event in the City Center, in order :

1 – Flying Saucer / 2 – Superzilla / 3 – SuperLiner / 4 – Zombies / 5 – Nessy
Plus one extra Super Event : Will and Alice’s Wedding.

For the Super Event Superliner and Zombies, it remains in the City Center a building whose profits are for both in 24 hours : 1 experience, 600 coins.
For Nessy, she is present in the lake and the profit is in 24 hours : 1 experience, 600 coins.

The unique buildings

Here is the unique list of buildings in alphabetical order of City Center :

But also :