The Astrologer’s Home

astrologer.pngThis is for people who plan on long term game play
Once complete you can collect 2 superbuck every 5 days … so about 12 a month – To build the house will cost a total of 116 (equates to 9 months of collection before it pays back ) or something close – So if you have or when you have an extra 116 superbucks this is worth it – oh and of course, you plan on playing a while.

The building is available after any purchase in the bank.

For the steps III, IV and VII : you can be purchased for superbucks. Also, there is a chance of getting them on the 4th game day or from the Dracula’s Castle, the Neueschweinstein Castle, the Indian Palace if you don’t run any quests and have all the energy in the Inventory.

Astrologer’s Home I
– Place the Astrologer’s Home (can be bought from the City Sights tab of the Store)
– 6 Builders (trained at the College)
– 10 000 goods (will be deducted)

Astrologer’s Home II
– Save 150 000 coins (will be deducted)
– 10 Strong ropes (drop from the Textile Factory)
– 25 Stars (can be collected from the Club and the Concert Hall)

Astrologer’s Home III
– 2 Beams for a dome (3 SuperBucks each)
– 2 Glasses for a dome (3 SuperBucks each)

Astrologer’s Home IV
– 18 Strawberry cocktails (drop from the Pub)
– 20 Milk (can be produced at the Dairy Farm)
– 6 Cherry pies (produced at the Candy Factory)

Astrologer’s Home V
– 2 Arches (3 SuperBucks each)
– 2 Tower tiles (3 SuperBucks each)

Astrologer’s Home VI
– 5 Cream (can be produced at the Dairy Farm)
– Help your friends with 60 buildings
– 20 Tuna fish (drop from the Sushi Bar)

Astrologer’s Home VII
– 2 cans of Golden paint
– 2 Globes

Astrologer’s Home VIII
– Collect profit from the Zweiffel Tower 5 times (48 SuperBucks)
– Collect profit from the Flower Kiosk 40 times
– Place an Emerald Fountain (can be purchased from the Roads and Decorations tab of the Store) (12 SuperBucks)

Astrologer’s Home IX
– 6 Designers (trained at College)
– 17 Leather sofas (produce in Furniture Factory)
– 5 Blossoming Cherry-trees (can be purchased from the Roads and Decorations tab of the Store) (4 SuperBucks each)

After the quests you will receive a Telescope but also unlock the twelve zodiacal statues (you can find it in the Roads and Decorations tab of the Storage).

You can choose the rewards you want to collect. There’s three options :

  • Small Gift every 18h : 2 500 coins + 1 000 goods
  • Nice Gift every 2 days : 5 000 coins + 2 000 goods
  • Great Gift every 5 days: 2 SuperBucks + 7000 coins + 3 000 goods + 5 energy
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