National Park

The National Park are available in the Shop. It is composed of a unique Keeper’s hut, one or more Tickets Office (busineses) and animals.

Building the Keeper’s hut is the first thing to do because it unlocks the enclosures.

The list below corresponds to the ones you can buy with coins and tasks or SuperBucks without tasks. Other animals can be obtained through quests.

  • Animals avalable with coins and tasks in order :

FoxesElksWild HorsesBrown BearsBisonsMountain GoatGorillasGiraffesCrocodilesElephantsHipposLions  – RhinosZebras

  • Animals available only for Snow Plateau with coins and tasks.

Artic OwlsArtic WolvesPenguinsPolar BearsSablesSeals

  • Animals available only for Sands with coins and tasks.


  • Animals available with SuperBucks (No tasks).

Sabretoothed Tigers cage (SB 100)
Lemur Run (SB 140) only for Enchanted Valley
Snow Leopard (SB 140) only for Snow Plateau

  • Animals available during a quest.

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